Urban structuring roads - Designing 70 km/h urban thoroughfares (paying download)

Urban structuring roads - designing 70km/h urban thoroughfares

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Date de publication: 1 août 2014
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The 70 km/h urban artery (AU70) is a major urban road (VSA – voie structurante d’agglomération) that is prompting a re-evaluation of the former urban expressways. It represents a compromise between the desire for infrastructure that takes account of the sustainable development issues associated with an urban context and the need to offer sufficient capacity for medium-distance journeys within the periurban area.

As an alternative to the traditional urban expressway and ordinary roads, the 70 km/h speed limit is a step towards achieving this. It makes it possible for all modes of transport to travel on a single platform. It also optimises traffic flows and reduces land use and therefore costs. The different types of interchange and their positioning contribute to the level of service provided to urban areas and the socio-economic dynamic of the neighbourhoods affected, with only a limited increase in journey times.

This guide defines the concept of the AU70, its location, functions and the different types found, and provides geometrical information for designing a road of this kind, taking into account the needs of all potential users. This document concerns the research phases of the project and forms part of a series of publications examining the initial considerations addressed by the contracting authority and project manager, which provide further useful information