Streets for all : Safety and common usage on public streets without conflicts of interest - sheets 00-1-4-5-7

Sheet n°00 National "Streets for all" programme Sheet n°1 "Streets for all": a study in Rosporden Sheet n°4 Joint drafting of a PAVE and a PDD: the example of Communay Sheet n°5 Requalification of Vic-la-Gardiole’s town centre Sheet n°7 From roads to streets

UVT From roads to streets n° 7

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Date de publication: 1 sept. 2015
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Allowing environmentally friendly modes to play their rightful role and better sharing of public space are the "Streets for all" programme's key principles, with which almost all those involved in urban planning agree today.
However, when designing a project, former "car" reflexes can come back to the forefront.